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Our Story

Welcome to Fleurenasci!  My name is Phyllis Kiernan and I am the founder and owner of Fleurenasci.

At Fleurenasci, we celebrate the essence of life through the essence of flowers.  Yes, every creation begins as a live flower.  Using the floral preservation process, Fleurenasci is able to take your special event flowers and create them into beads which can be made into bracelets, necklaces and many other items. The choices are endless. 

I first learned of floral preservation in 2003 after the loss of my son. A close friend spoke about a lady who preserved and created flowers into shadowboxes. We saved flowers from Ben’s celebration of life service and created. Those flowers remain special to me and my family today. That’s what I hope to bring to others. 

After looking deeper into the history of flowers I discovered the essence of flowers. With this new appreciation I felt compelled to incorporate not only the flowers but their essence into each bead and into each piece created. With an accounting background, a creative spirit, and a love of flowers, I set out to create a unique way to incorporate the flowers’ celebration of life into our everyday celebration of life. Fleurenasci literally means: fleur, flower or the better part of something; renasci, renewed or reborn. The daffodil with its essence of joy and new beginnings was chosen to represent Fleurenasci as a reminder to embrace life’s changes. Change has a way of finding us when we are least expecting it and feel the least prepared to handle it, but I have found it can be a necessary part of life. The butterfly was added in remembrance of Ben. His bright smile and free spirit brought happiness to many.    

I hope you will take a few minutes to look around our website and peruse the many items we have to offer.  If you agree that our product is unique and innovative, we’d love to help you begin creating today. Your first step is to choose and purchase your item, next mail or bring us your flowers, lastly fill out the Order Worksheet giving us your detailed information and wishes, and we’ll do the rest! Having your own flowers is not a pre-requisite to creating.  We have most flowers in stock, preserved, and ready to be created into your celebration of life piece as well as many in-stock items ready for purchase.  In addition, we offer a lay away plan.  Family members and friends can bring or send flowers for later creations.  For a nominal fee not to exceed $50, we will store the preserved flowers for up to six months.

 Whether you are celebrating a love of flowers, conveying the essence of an individual thru the essence of flowers, or preserving that which holds sentimental value: whether you choose to preserve your flowers and create jewelry or keepsake items, or choose from our flower items, Fleurenasci hopes to meet all your expectations.