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Jewelry & Keepsake Order Form

Flower essence jewelry and keepsakes are a unique and beautiful way to preserve your memories.  To place an order for your individualized jewelry or keepsake item, we ask that you complete the options on the order worksheet.  We look forward to creating your beautiful, custom keepsakes. 

In order to ensure that all your wishes are conveyed, please make a selection for each option. If it does not apply to your order simply choose "none". You will see a choice of "Choose for Me" listed among your options. Use this if you would like us to use our best judgment for that option while designing your item. If you have other requests not listed as an option, please include them in the "special instructions" or “notes” section. Our goal is to create your jewelry or keepsake item to best represent both the sentiment and essence of your choice and your personal taste and style. 

Should you wish to print an ORDER FORM to be mailed with payment, simply click HERE to print your order form and follow the mailing instructions below. It is also necessary to include a signed copy of our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Mailing Instructions:

~You can mail or deliver either fresh flowers or already dried flowers.

 ~We only need your flowers or petals. No stems.

~Lay flowers or petals in between sheets of paper towels and fold.  If flowers are a tight bud such as a rose, separate the petals and lay them out flat on the paper towel.  This will allow the petals to breath and prevent the natural moisture from beginning to mildew.  For ease in separating rose petals, place the rose bud in one hand, grasp the base of the flower with the other hand, twist, and remove the center along with the stem.  The petals will fall apart naturally.

 ~ Place flowers in an envelope or folder.  Do not place flowers or petals in plastic bags, bubble lined envelopes, etc.  This traps moisture which can cause them to mildew in transit.

 ~ Please include this completed form inside the envelope. It is also necessary to include our terms & conditions. If you have already completed an order worksheet you can enclose that as well.

~Place them in an appropriately sized envelope and mail them to:

P.O. Box 801630
Acworth, GA 30101

~Inside the envelope you must include the MAILING ENCLOSURE FORM & TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

~You can also make an appointment to deliver your petals by calling us at 404-644-8672.