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About Us

We love the gift of flowers. Flowers can be given to celebrate a joyful occasion or to show our sympathy or concern during sad and trying times. As beautiful as they are, preserving their beauty and remembering what they meant to us has often been a difficult task. There are shadow boxes and the pressing of flowers, which is great but every time you leave the house, you leave the memories behind. What if you could wear those flowers each and every day to remind you of that special life event? With Fleurenasci, you can give that gift of life to flowers through our distinctive line of jewelry and keepsakes.

Creator and CEO, Phyllis Kiernan, believes that by making beads out of flower petals, and then incorporating those beads, each piece holds a sentiment, which is unique to each individual.

Kiernan, who has been offering floral preservation and the creation of shadow boxes since 2009, was struck by the idea to incorporate the essence of flowers. After researching what flowers mean she came up with a new and unique way for customers to keep their flowers. Most people know their birth sign and birthstone, but did you also know that you have a birth sign flower and birth month flower? Each flower carries a specific symbolism and comes attached with certain feelings and emotions. The best part is that Fleurenasci customers do not have to provide the dried flowers for their jewelry, we offer a large variety from which to choose.

As the concept to create flower petal jewelry and keepsakes evolved, so too did the name Fleurenasci. This evolution took Kiernan back to the root language of Latin. By combining fleur from Latin flos or florem and renasci from Latin renascor, Fleurenasci was born bringing flower essence to life. Chosen for its Latin Etymology: essentia, essence not only refers to the flower sentiments such as the hydrangea representing gratitude and heartfelt, but also to the sentimental values they hold.

Using the floral preservation process, Fleurenasci is able to take your flowers and make them part of beads which can be made into bracelets, necklaces and many other items. The choices are endless.