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a rose is a rose is a rose

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A rose, one of the most popular flowers that is sent each and every day, and used quite frequently at Fleurenasci. Shakespeare wrote about a rose when he said 'a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,' and there is even the famous saying a rose is a rose is a rose, which comes from Gertrude Stein's poem, Sacred Emily, written in 1913. There are many different colors from white to red and from yellow to pink. You've heard of the Yellow Rose of Texas, but did you also know the rose is the state flower for New York? Did you know that the rose is the flower for the month of June? And did you know the rose is also the flower for the Aries birth sign? It's amazing how many different places we can find references to the beautiful flower. However when you send that beautiful bouquet of red roses, which by the way represents love and passion, what can your loved one do with those precious petals? Why not have them made into a beautiful necklace she can wear for a lifetime. Red roses make some of the most beautiful beads and can be combined with a number of other beads. Let her remember that special event each and every time she hooks the gorgeous necklace, and matching earrings will certainly complete the ensemble. So before you throw out that next bouquet of dried rose petals, call us and let us create a unique and one of a kind piece that will always be remembered.

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