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What's Happening in Nature ~ Fabulous

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Rebecca-Louise-Law-Suspended-Flowers-5 Wow! This is fabulous! I ran across this article today and all I can think to say is Fabulous! I love everything about it! Rebecca Louise Law is an East London florist who creates sublime arrangements of floating flowers. “Most of my installations are reflecting what’s happening in nature, by looking at plant patterns or observing the way something grows. Then I imagine these themes in real life and times that by a thousand so that it becomes fantasy,” says Law. Here is a link to the article with more fabulous photos of her work. At Fleurenasci, we like to say that we celebrate the essence of life through the essence of flowers. Rebecca Louise Law has taken celebrating flowers and nature to another level. Have you encountered a Fabulous way to celebrate flowers or nature? Please share! I would love to hear from you! Happy Wednesday!

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