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A Weekend of Introductions

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The weather was definitely frightful the weekend before the Georgia Funeral Directors Association Conference, but that was not stopping me from attending this year's meeting. And what a great experience it was meeting directors from all over the state and introducing them to Fleurenasci. New to this group, I could not have been more warmly welcomed, especially from Valerie Wages of Tom M. Wages Funeral Service, LLC. Valerie introduced me to many attendees and made sure everyone knew about Fleurenasci. She made this business owner feel as if I had been a part of the group for years. During the weekend I was able to share how our gifts become keepsakes and life celebration mementos for those who have lost a loved one. The attendees were quite impressed with the products they saw and agreed this is a wonderful way to keep loved ones close to our hearts. I was grateful for their warm reception and interest in my company. If you know me well, this was an event that took me out of my comfort level, but I am so pleased I made the decision to participate as a vendor. I look forward to working with many of these great companies in the near future and appreciate their interest in Fleurenasci.

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