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Rosaries With Meaning From Fleurenasci


You may have recently seen that Fleurenasci is now making rosaries.  Thank you for the warm responses we have already received!  As you embraced their gorgeous outer beauty we hope you will see and embrace their essence as well.   How fitting to blend the essence of flowers, the essence of life and the essence of the rosary. According to, "The word rosary comes from Latin and means a garland of roses, the rose being one of the flowers used to symbolize the Virgin Mary. If you were to ask what object is most emblematic of Catholics, people would probably say, "The rosary, of course." We’re familiar with the images: the silently moving lips of the old woman fingering her beads; the oversized rosary hanging from the waist of the wimpled nun; more recently, the merely decorative rosary hanging from the rearview mirror." As I read this article, I had no idea the word rosary meant a garland of roses. How beautiful to have a rosary made from roses in your garden, or even from a life celebration of a loved one. The article also stated that after "Vatican II, the rosary fell into relative disuse. The same is true for Marian devotions as a whole. But in recent years the rosary has made a comeback, and not just among Catholics. Many Protestants now say the rosary, recognizing it as a truly biblical form of prayer—after all, the prayers that comprise it come mainly from the Bible." If you are interested in having us create a rosary for you, please contact us today at or at 404-644-8672.

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