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Fleurenasci — Flowers into beads

Capricorn: Dec 22 - Jan 19

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African-VioletsThe birth sign flowers for Capricorn are the African Violet, the Snowdrop and the Jasmin. The African Violet with its essence of friendship and faithfulness holds special meaning for me. As a teenager I spent many summer days with my Grandmother.  She loved her African Violets tending to them daily working to produce new plants from leaves. Just as she faithfully tended to her Violets she tended to family and friends.   As I tend to my African Violets I will no doubt take a moment to smile and reflect on the friendship...

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Looking for a Different Valentine's gift this year?

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Flowers and candy ... candy and flowers.  Two of the most popular Valentine's Day gifts that are given and received each February 14th.  But why not change  it up this year?  We at Fleurenasci say yes, keep the flowers but instead of chocolate, give her a gift card to Fleurenasci.  By giving her a gift card she can take those beautiful flowers and turn them into a keepsake she can treasure for a lifetime.  Roses make beautiful beads for a necklace, earrings or bracelet.  Carnations, which are actually the flower for those born in January, also makes a gorgeous bead.  The options...

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