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The Elizabeth Silver Sentiment Collection

The Elizabeth Silver Sentiment Collection features sterling silver components used to accentuate our flower petal bead jewelry and keepsake items.  Named for my daughter, Elizabeth, this collection celebrates timeless beauty.  Sterling silver is the standard for beautiful high-quality jewelry and is a fitting choice to represent my sweet girl as well as showcasing their strength and durability.

Our flower petal jewelry features beads containing flower petals either from your special occasion flowers or flowers we have provided. To custom order using your flowers, simply mail or deliver your fresh or dried flowers to us. Please enclose our mailing instructions enclosure form and our terms & conditions with your flowers. Upon their arrival your flower petals will be preserved and prepared for inclusion into your customized beads. Those beads are then used to create your flower essence jewelry and keepsake items according to your requests. It is necessary to complete an Order Form for each custom ordered item.