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Summer Time – A Time to Celebrate the Blossoms, Both Annuals And Perennials

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For me, flowers are a sign of resilience, spirit and individuality. Take perennials for example, the beauty we see above ground may die off for a season but remain very much alive under the soil waiting for the right time to resurface and share that beauty once again. I like to think people are like perennials. We may get dealt some twists and turns changing our perspectives but our essence remains to emerge stronger. And yes, some are annuals being taken from us too soon but not before they share their beauty and strength with the world. By preserving flowers and celebrating their essence, we celebrate the essence of life including its twists, turns and triumphs…. simple everyday life. Whether the flower essence beads you have created represent personality traits, one’s resilience thru a twist or a triumph, Fleurenasci hopes to provide a way for both the giver and the receiver to acknowledge this essence. And don’t forget the extra bonus, you will have a beautiful keepsake, piece of jewelry to wear or bookmark to save your place as you lose yourself in the story. At Fleurenasci every bloom is celebrated as a perennial! Wishing you many happy summer days! Phyllis Kiernan, Owner & Designer Fleurenasci, Bringing Flower Essence to Life Always Blooming Creations, Floral Preservation & Keepsake Design

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