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Sentimental Value

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Sentimental describes a feeling of looking back fondly on memories. Value describes a relative worth, merit or importance. I recently had the pleasure to meet with a young woman who is planning her September wedding. Being a teacher she is planning ahead for the hustle and bustle of the start to a new school year. Why have I chosen to share this meeting? First, as a life long sentimental pack rat she won my heart when she told me she has kept every flower her fiancé has given her. Second, she won the gold medal for sentiment when she shared that she asked her floral planner to find a way to incorporate those flowers into the wedding or reception. How sweet, right? Third and closest to my heart is the connection we had when she shared the reaction she encountered from her floral planner. “Those flowers are dead!” she was told. “What!?!” I answered as my jaw dropped in disbelief. Do these flowers she has chosen to save hold less value than the vibrant fresh flowers being used by her floral planner? The answer to this question is an easy one for the two of us. These “dead” flowers hold the memories of this young woman’s journey, a journey that has led her to this next important stage in her life. The appointment made on this day was to discuss the floral preservation of her wedding bouquet. This was discussed and Always Blooming Creations will be honored to preserve and work with her to create a display reflective of her special day. Also discussed were the possibilities available for her “dead” flowers. Those holding the “sentimental value” she treasures so deeply. At Fleurenasci we are happy to offer an avenue for those gently used flowers. An avenue from this now visual state of “dead” into an eternal state, one that will reflect their essence and in this case their sentimental value. Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~ Albert Einstein

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