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March Flowers


Did you know that the flowers for the month of March are either a Jonquil or a Daffodil? Two of our favorites at Fleurenasci. To me, nothing says spring like a Jonquil or Daffodil breaking through on the usually brown landscape. And if we are not careful, these are also the flowers that can be snapped in an unexpected cold front It's interesting although these two flowers are similar, they both actually have two very different meetings. The daffodil represents joy while the Jonquil means sympathy! Wow, we would not want to confuse those two meanings. And another interesting piece of information about the daffodil, it's the birth sign flower for Gemini's! Why not hold onto the beauty of these flowers by having one of these precious flowers made into an Add-A-Bead for a bracelet, necklace or earring! The possibilities are endless! For more ideas on how to preserve your flowers contact us today!

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