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Spring ... A Time for New Starts

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As I sit here and write my blog this morning, I wonder ... will spring ever arrive? It seems as if we have had a never-ending, dreary winter! However, the upside for me is that I have the pleasure of working with beautiful flowers each and every day! This past week I wrote about March flowers and their meanings. It then quickly made me think of other flowers which remind me that spring is in the air; one such flower would be the tulip! Don't tulips make you think of spring too? Their vibrant colors and their unique shape, I simply love them! So what do tulips mean? Tulips are known for being romantic and are given for many occasions. As I researched the tulip I found some interesting information on the web about tulips. It is written that in the "ancient times, these flowers were worn inside a turban in Turkey. (Tulips belong originally to Persia and Turkey.) Once their popularity spread, it was associated with true love." Throughout the years however their meaning has changed. Different colors of tulips have different meanings. The red tulip symbolizes love whereas the yellow tulips symbolize happiness in one's life. Royalty is the meaning of the purple tulip, and the white tulips signify peace or forgiveness. The center of a tulip is velvet in texture and almost black in color. I love that it is said that this represents the heart of a lover that is fired with passion! Tulips are not only a beloved flower to give, but many love to plant them in their yards, and yes I am one of those individuals! To learn more about tulips you might want to check out "this website":images-3

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