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Easter ... Only 27 Days Away

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The Joy Of Easter (1)How can it possibly be that Easter is so close? Hard to think about spring clothes when the high today is only in the 40s. Well nonetheless, it will be here before we know it. I simply love Easter and all that the holiday means. Often times to celebrate the day we give each other Easter Lilies, Tulips and other vibrantly colored flowers. I hope this year you will think of having Fleurenasci turn those petals into a keepsake you will have for a lifetime. I can not think of a better way to remember this special time of the year than having a necklace or bracelet made out of the flowers that celebrate renewal. It might also be a great time to have those flowers made into beads for our new Aster Add-A-Bead collection, just in time for Mother's Day in May! Take time to enjoy your flowers and when they are no more, send them our way! Happy Spring!

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