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June's Flower: The Rose

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red rose with music Believe it or not, June is here! And with June comes one of my all time favorite flowers, the rose. The red rose stands for passion and love. Who could ask for more? As I thought about the beauty of the rose I wanted to know more. For instance, did you know there are more than 100 species of roses? As they grow, roses form a group and can grow either in shrub formation or they can climb and trail. Their flowers vary in size and shape and are usually large and showy, in colors ranging from white through yellows and reds. Most species are native to Asia, with smaller numbers native to Europe, North America and northwest Africa. The color of the rose dictates the essence being conveyed, such as yellow with its essence of friendship, white with loyalty and innocence, and pink with admiration. The rose is often given as a gift, whether it be for a birthday in June or to a special someone for Valentine's Day. These beautiful flowers also make gorgeous beads and a wonderful addition to necklaces and bracelets specially designed at Fleurenasci. See some examples of these timeless keepsakes at "our website."

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