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Fleurenasci — rose

Have you heard about Fleurenasci?

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1-necklaces 2-earrings 3-all "Have you heard about Fleurenasci?" That is the question I asked repeatedly this past Thursday evening as I manned our booth at a local business expo. The answers I heard ranged from a simple, “no?” to “you’re jewelry right?” I will never tire of seeing the looks of wonder that follows my reply of, “everything begins as a live flower.” That’s right! At Fleurenasci, everything truly begins as a live flower! Flowers are...

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June's Flower: The Rose

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red rose with music Believe it or not, June is here! And with June comes one of my all time favorite flowers, the rose. The red rose stands for passion and love. Who could ask for more? As I thought about the beauty of the rose I wanted to know more. For instance, did you know there are more than 100 species of roses? As they grow, roses form a group and can grow either in shrub formation or they can climb and trail. Their flowers vary in size and shape and...

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