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Snowed In at Fleurenasci

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Snowjam 2014, a day that won't soon be forgotten. For me, it started off like any typical Tuesday. I was getting ready to head out to the monthly meeting of the West Cobb Business Association. As I peered out my window, I noticed a light snow had begun to fall. I rethought my day and made the decision to stay in and skip this month's meeting. Wow, did I make the right choice because what followed in Atlanta, and especially Cobb County, was truly a nightmare. In a matter of hours the streets surrounding me were white and soon filled with empty cars. While many may have gotten cabin fever, I took the opportunity to create new and exciting pieces for clients to give their special someone for Valentine's Day. Some have sent flowers, while many have asked us to create these unique items with flowers we have here at Fleurenasci. They are all quite gorgeous. If you are interested in having us create a special gift for you, it's not too late to place your order for Valentine's Day. For more information, please visit our website. and stay safe as the roads continue to thaw.

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