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Snowed In at Fleurenasci

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Snowjam 2014, a day that won't soon be forgotten. For me, it started off like any typical Tuesday. I was getting ready to head out to the monthly meeting of the West Cobb Business Association. As I peered out my window, I noticed a light snow had begun to fall. I rethought my day and made the decision to stay in and skip this month's meeting. Wow, did I make the right choice because what followed in Atlanta, and especially Cobb County, was truly a nightmare. In a matter of hours the streets surrounding me were white and soon filled...

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It's Time to Think Valentine's Day!

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February is creeping around the corner, and very soon it will be time to think about what to get that special someone. Candy? Too fattening. Clothes? Are you kidding me? Flowers? You are getting warmer. At Fleurenasci you can choose, give her flowers and then turn them into a keepsake she can treasure forever OR let us select from the flowers we have on hand to create that one-of-a-kind gift. A gift from Fleurenasci is the perfect way to show your love for that special someone. Want her to have a say in her gift? Then tell her to complete...

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Fleurenasci - All over the United States

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What a wonderful holiday season it was for us here at Fleurenasci. Thanks to our great customers sharing their love of our products, we shipped gifts to Florida, California and back to New York. Wow is all we can say! We love creating keepsakes for your loved ones and know they are being enjoyed even as we blog. As you plan for your sweetheart's Valentines's Day gift, remember, we have a great selection of flowers on hand, making your job even easier when it comes to creating the perfect gift. Want to learn more? Then please visit our

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Valentine's Day Flower Gift Ideas

Fleurenasci Jewelry Keepsake Design Keepsakes Uncategorized valentines day

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and every man wants to make sure he gives his wife or girlfriend the perfect gift! We at Fleurenasci love flowers, and we have the perfect gift idea to go along with you floral bouquet. Yes, we say shower her with flowers, and don't forget to give her a Fleurenasci gift certificate so that she can treasure those gorgeous flowers forever! Don't know what type of flower to give her? Let us suggest some of the most popular flowers to give on this special day and we will even give you their meanings. Of course...

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Flowers From Within

Fleurenasci Floral Preservation Flowers Gifts gifts of love Jewelry Jewelry Design Jewelry from flowers Keepsake Design Keepsakes Uncategorized valentines day

Image As February approaches we find ourselves searching for just the right way to show that someone special in our lives just how much they mean to us.  At Fleurenasci, we use the catch phrase, bringing flower essence to life.  This morning I found myself reflecting on flower essence.  I like to think of flowers as a gift from nature.  A gift of beauty and renewal, sometimes growing where nothing else will sprout.  Essence is defined as the core nature or most important qualities of a thing.  Sure, we preserve those flowers and allow...

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