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Red, White and Blue Flowers


In one week America will celebrate the 4th of July. Have you thought about which flowers you might want to adorn your table with next Friday? I simply love the colors this holiday brings when it comes to flowers and here are some suggestions you might want to follow. And remember, after the 4th, hold onto those flowers and bring them to Fleurenasci! Together we can create a keepsake to help you keep summer with you all year long! When researching the topic of 4th of July flowers, I found several great ideas including a combination of red geraniums, white alyssums and blue ageratum. These would create a spectacular center piece and also look great together in a flower garden. Another awesome idea? How about red salvia, white petunia and blue lobelia. There truly aren't many blue flowers, but these options give you some great choices when trying to find that hard color. If you want to learn more about red, white and blue flowers, check out this site for more ideas and we hope you have a great 4th of July!

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