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The Flowers of July

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We hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July and are ready to enjoy the last weeks of summer. As you take in the warm days of July, you might also notice that several new flowers are in bloom. You would be exactly correct! 

Actually right now Orchirds can be found in full bloom. Orchid blooms can last for months and make a perfect accent to any room in your home. Another wonderful flower in bloom right now would be the Delphinium, often called Larkspur. The Delphinium is also the birth flower for July, and it makes a beautiful bead! 

The Delphinium blooms from late spring through late summer. It the flower stands for "an open heart and ardent attachment."  

It has been stated there are "secret meanings" to three colors of the Delphinium; “Fickleness” (pink), “Joyful, Happy-Go-Lucky” (white) and “You Have Such A Sweet Disposition” (purple). It is the spur of the flower that helped create this flower’s name.

Other awesome flowers that can be found this month are lilies, dahlias, and gardenias. Take a moment to enjoy these beautiful flowers this month, and as they begin to wilt, remember to bring them to Fleurenasci where we can create a timeless keepsake to treasure the memories of summer all year long!

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