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The Flowers of August

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Where has summer gone? I truly cannot believe it is time to send the kids back to school on Monday. I am a strong believer in family time so enjoy these last few hours before the madness begins ... you know making lunches, afternoon carpools and homework!

With the beginning of school comes a brand new month, a month filled with beautiful flowers. One of the most popular flowers of August is the Sunflower. I love their big, bold coloring and their size makes them easy to spot driving down any highway. What a wonderful site to see.Sunflowers-teleflora_0

Freesia and Daffodils are also in bloom in August as well as gorgeous purple Irises. I truly love all the colors this month brings in flowers. And remember these vibrant colors also make beautiful beads for our new slider charms!

Have you not seen our latest addition to the Fleurenasci collection? Make sure you check out our new slider charms on our Facebook page. They are so fun and make great gifts ... perhaps a back to school gift for the new teacher or better yet Mom! Happy August and best wishes to everyone for a fantastic school year.

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