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Each day I work with flowers, flowers that grow in yards, nurseries, homes, etc … you get the picture. However, while I was thinking about flowers growing I began to think about how much my business has grown, and I am simply overwhelmed with gratitude. Yesterday I met with a new client and soon my one-of-a-kind pieces will be at yet another location! (Stay tuned for further details.) I walk away from each new client meeting feeling blessed, and I hope my jewelry makes others feel the same way. I am warmed when I receive letters stating how much my designs meant to someone who had lost a loved one and they love the flowers that have been turned into a gorgeous piece of jewelry. I just love it! For these past few months of crazy growth, I want to say thank you to every person who has helped spread the word about Fleurenasci. Your kind expressions are appreciated. I am completely aware that a great deal of my success has come from great friends and happy customers. Keep spreading the word, and I'll keep creating new and exciting pieces to share.

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