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Fleurenasci — Jewelry

Fleurenasci literally, is flowers renewed.

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Flower and Butterfly 8 w Tag Line with R mark (1)Fleur ~ French Etymology: /flœʁ/ Latin flos, florem; (flower; the finest part of something). Renasci ~ Latin Etymology: re-+nāscor. Verb, present infinitive renāscī; (revived, renewed, born again). Essence ~ Latin Etymology: essentia (the core nature or most important qualities of a person or thing). Fleurenasci literally, is flowers renewed. As I celebrate the approval and finalization of the company’s logo trademark, I am reminded that Fleurenasci represents so much more than simply flowers renewed.   The choice to include the tag line...

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Another Amazing Story at Fleurenasci

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10704239_10152776286785960_171382427313662690_o (1)One awesome part of my job is learning about the story behind the flowers I transform into keepsakes. This past month I had the privilege of turning some very special flowers into beautiful earrings for an incredible woman, Pamela Vandewalker. Pamela has traveled internationally promoting and helping the welfare of children,and she recently received a Dove Award for her work. I was honored to create earrings from her flowers I wanted to share a bit of her story. Pamela is actually the author of more than 30 books and a full-time minister of worship programming...

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Fleurenasci Now Available at The Local Exchange

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It just seems like something new and exciting is happening every week at Fleurenasci. This week I am so excited to tell you all that Fleurenasci items can now be purchased at The Local Exchange on the Marietta Square. Located at 130 South Park Square, The Local Exchange is a modern-day general store. You will find locally made fresh food, beverages, merchandise, artisan beers, fine wines, local art and vintage antiques. You will also now find us there! All products sold at The Local Exchange are local, fair trade, organic, made in the USA...

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Fleurenasci Gives Back

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I was thrilled to be asked to donate some items to one of my best friends' daughter's sorority auction. Allison Martin is a Zeta Tau Alpha at Valdosta State, and I was honored to be a part of her sorority's fundraising efforts to beat cancer. Deciding to incorporate the school's colors, I created these two lovely pieces. Valdosta Donation 2 Valdosta Donation

The sterling silver earrings and necklace feature one red rose flower petal bead with an essence...

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Gardening to Relieve Stress

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We all enjoy looking out our windows and seeing beautiful flowers, but did you know that gardening those gorgeous blooms can actually help to relieve stress in your life. The sunlight alone is good for the soul, not to mention getting in touch with nature. In a recent post the article described the many benefits of gardening for your body, spirit and mind. The article explained that sunlight "provides an influx of vitamin D, and the fresh air that that goes with it is good for your health." Gardening is simply a great excuse to get out...

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