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Sunshine ~ Get Outside & Get a Dose of Healthy

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My little corner of Georgia is seeing the sun shine today!  Yep, the sun is shining bright and the temperatures are in the 50's!  Get outside ya'll and get a dose of healthy!! Still skeptical?  Here's one of many articles explaining the health benefits of sun exposure.  Happy Saturday!! Summer-Flower-Images-Pink-Flowers-in-Bloom-the-Bright-Sun

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Fleurenasci literally, is flowers renewed.

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Flower and Butterfly 8 w Tag Line with R mark (1)Fleur ~ French Etymology: /flœʁ/ Latin flos, florem; (flower; the finest part of something). Renasci ~ Latin Etymology: re-+nāscor. Verb, present infinitive renāscī; (revived, renewed, born again). Essence ~ Latin Etymology: essentia (the core nature or most important qualities of a person or thing). Fleurenasci literally, is flowers renewed. As I celebrate the approval and finalization of the company’s logo trademark, I am reminded that Fleurenasci represents so much more than simply flowers renewed.   The choice to include the tag line...

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Memorial Day ~ A Day of Gratitude

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1779780_10151847976217396_2008031739_n Memorial Day, a day set aside to remember and honor our fallen soldiers, their families, and loved ones. As the founder of Fleurenasci, I have the pleasure of celebrating the essence of life through the essence of flowers, and many times a customer’s creation originates with flowers sent to celebrate the life of a loved one. As I began my day today I must admit my focus was on the upcoming extended weekend. However, in grinding through some administrative tasks necessary before enjoying the weekend I found my thoughts progressing toward...

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Celebrate the Essence of Easter.......

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11/12/13 Human Race Day ~ Global "Act of Kindness" Day

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562390_376389319140338_1384452557_n I started my day today much like any other day. As I worked to update my calendar with impending deadlines and opportunities I realized the date….. 11/12/13….. Naturally I opened a new window and googled 11/12/13. While I found many sites and articles written regarding the flurry of weddings taking place, the following site caught my attention My first thought was of a worldwide marathon being held. What I found was so much more! Please take a moment and visit or More importantly, take a moment today and...

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